Stefano Sandrini
About me





I'm Stefano Sandrini and I'm a software engineer from Brescia, Italy. This is my personal website.

In the last years I focused my experience on developing mobile solutions based on the iOS plaftorms, but I also have a deep experience in Java J2EE environments.

Lately I'm working mainly in digital publication projects for mobile, creating newstand apps or feed reader for important publisher in Italy, U.S.A. and Switzerland, on behalf of D-Share srl.

In the past I held the position of CTO and director of software development at Yakamoz srl, an italian based company that creates websites, enterprise web apps, mobile apps for the consumer market and for B2B.

I'm a father of two beautiful girls, a Husband of a beautiful wife, I'm an entrepreneur and an Apple products addicted.



In 2006 I got a University Degree at the School of Engineering of Brescia for the Telecommunication Systems course. My thesis was about "Nanosensors in photonic crystal slabs".

I got a high school certificate in Computer Science in 1999, so while I was studying at University I also worked on the development of various projects and that's why I continued in the software development area once i finished my college studies.


D-Share is an international company focused on digital publishing and media. Combining technological skills, comprehensive expertise in publishing business and unparalleled experience, D-Share collaborates with clients to explore new, advanced business models based on next generation technologies.

Here I take care of all aspects of iOS projects, you can find some of these projects in the "work" section of the web site.


I held the position of CTO at Yakamoz, when it was a young and creative company and had several areas of operation: communication strategies, ambient and guerrilla marketing, web development, iOS app development, Android app development, 3D animations and projections, 3D Games.

The thing I liked for most at Yakamoz was that I worked with many different people: Designers, Developers, 3D Artists and Photographers. It was exciting and the team was really good.

At some point, things started to move to a different target and the company decided to focus on things and strategies that I didn't like. So I left the company to start some new cool projects that I run on my own and with other great guys, and to work with some amazing customer.

Past and side projects

At the moment, and before becoming CTO and partner at Yakamoz, I'm a software consultant for several years, with different kind of customers in many business sectors:

  • software development
  • digital publishing
  • financial and banking
  • consulting services
  • travel
  • automotive
  • food
  • media content creation

I mainly work in the areas of Milan, Brescia and Turin and I've  been involved in the development of some startups based in the U.S.

I also worked as a developer for IBM Italia, in financial and bank areas, and BIP - Business Integration Partners, in projects for important international customers in the Milan area. In these projects I was a member of teams provided by MC3Informatica. 

As a consultant I was an iOS developer for several startup, some of these based in the USA. Among these I may mention Tiltap (jointly held by H-Farm) and SaveTheMom . 

I'm currently involved in a very interesting side project with my good friend Mauro Piccini, called "No Code". We develop mobile software solutions for enterprise, small business and consumer market.